The Quadrilateral Game


Quadrilateral Game Rules

  • On the geoboard, put the rubber band around a unit square (a square measuring one unit on each side) near the center of the geoboard.  
  • Team A rolls the number cubes to locate an entry in the game grid. The number given by the first roll locates the row and the number given by the second roll locates the column in the game grid. Team A reads the description in this location on the game grid, examines the quadrilateral already on the game board, and creates a new quadrilateral to match the description by moving as few corners of the already existing quadrilateral as possible. Team A scores 1 point for each corner moved.
  • Following Team As move, Team B rolls the number cubes, reads the corresponding description on the game grid, and moves as few corners of the existing quadrilateral as possible to form a quadrilateral fitting the new description. Team B receives one point for each corner moved.
  • Play continues until each team has had at least five turns. The team with the lowest score at the end is the winner.


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