How do regular polygons fit together?

Click here for instructions.


  1. To choose the number of sides of the regular polygon that will be placed next, click on the button to the left of that number at the top of the window.
  2. Click anywhere in the blank window to place the first polygon.
  3. To attach a new polygon to one already placed, choose the number of sides (see instruction 1) then click near the edge of the polygon to which you want it attached.
    Remember: As you build the tiling, there should be no gaps and no overlaps.
  4. As you attach more and more polygons to build a tiling, you will need to know:
    • To remove the last polygon placed, click on the button Undo Last Polygon .
    • To delete a polygon anywhere, select the polygon by clicking on it and then click the button Delete Polygon.
    • To scale the tiling (make it larger or smaller), use the Zoom slider.


Applet written by Melinda Green and Don Hatch, modified by S. Keller, Michigan State University

© 2006 Connected Mathematics Project, Michigan State University

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