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Correlation to the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics (CCSSM) as of March 24 2014

The CMP3 Correlation to the CCSSM have been updated.

6th Grade-CMP Unit to CCSSM

6th Grade-CCSSM to CMP Unit

7th Grade-CMP Unit to CCSSM

7th Grade-CCSSM to CMP Unit

8th Grade-CMP Unit to CCSSM

8th Grade-CCSSM to CMP Unit

8th Grade-CMP Unit to CCSSM as Identified in App. A

8th Grade-CCSSM to CMP Unit as Identified in App. A

8th Grade-CMP Unit to CCSSM as Identified by PARCC

8th Grade-CCSSM to CMP Unit as Identified by PARCC

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CMP Users' Conference

Powerpoint slides for the opening talk and grade overviews are now available! Visit the Users' Conference page to view them.


We are pleased to announce that CMP 3, which is fully aligned with the CCSS for Mathematics and the Mathematical Practices, is available for implementation. CMP3 offers robust digital support for the program. You can create your own demo account to begin reviewing CMP3 content right now. To create your demo account, go to Once there, scroll down the page, and click on the text bubble that reads, "Explore Teacher Place". Follow the instructions on that page to create your account. Pearson makes all CMP3 content available even in their demo accounts, so you can gain immediate access prior to your print materials arriving.

Overview slides from Users' 2013:

Click here to download a copy of the CMP3 Overview.

Click here to download a copy of the CMP3 6th Grade Overview.

Click here to download a copy of the CMP3 7th Grade Overview.

Click here to download a copy of the CMP3 8th Grade Overview.

Common Core State Standards

August 19, 2011

As a whole, the CMP2 curriculum covers all of the grades 6–8 Common Core State Standards. Additional Common Core State Standards investigations are available at each grade level to ensure exact grade level alignment.
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CMP Streaming Video

August 19, 2011

The CMP Video Professional Development website is available. It is designed to assist teachers and administrators implement and teach CMP.
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The Connected Mathematics Project now has an official Facebook page. We invite you to “Like” the page to receive news updates.
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With funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1991-1996, and in 2000-2006, the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) developed a complete mathematics curriculum for middle school teachers and students. CMP helps students and teachers develop understanding of important mathematical concepts, skillsprocedures, and ways of thinking and reasoning, in number, geometry, measurement, algebra, probability and statistics. CMP is based on research, and was field-tested in diverse sites across the country with approximately 45,000 students and 390 teachers. Each unit, in both 1991-1996 and 2000-2006 development periods, went through at least 3 cycles of field testing. A growing body of research and evaluation reports (2006 Evaluation Booklet, New Studies, CMP Literature Review 2010) indicates that CMP outperforms non-CMP curricula on tests of problem-solving ability, equals or outperforms non-CMP curricula on skills tests, and promotes long term retention.

Overarching Goal of CMP

All students should be able to reason and communicate proficiently in mathematics. They should have knowledge of and skill in the use of the vocabulary, forms of representation, materials, tools, techniques, and intellectual methods of the discipline of mathematics, including the ability to define and solve problems with reason,insight, inventiveness and proficiency.