Using Talk Moves

Use talk moves to facilitate classroom discussions. Here are the talk moves described in the work by Chapin, O’Connor, and Anderson, 2003[1] .

  • Prompt Teachers prompt students to answer a question.
  • Wait Time Teachers provide adequate time for students to respond to a question.
  • Revoice Teachers repeat a student’s answer to emphasize and clarify what the student said.
  • Restate Teachers ask a student to restate what another student has said to ensure that students listen closely to each other.
  • Apply Reasoning Teachers ask students to evaluate, critique, and use each other’s responses and strategies.
A professional development resource for facilitating effective and mathematically productive classroom discussions is the Mathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms (MDISC) project (Herbel-Eisenman, Steele, and Cirillo, 2013) [2]


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 [2] Herbel-Eisenmann, B., Steele, M., & Cirillo, M. (2013). (Developing) teacher discourse moves: A framework for professional development.Mathematics Teacher Educator, 1(2), 181-196.