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The development of CMP3 is built on the knowledge we have gained over the past 15 years of working with teachers and students who used CMP1 and CMP2. In addition, for the past 17 years we have solicited information from the field through our web site and CMP mailing list and through our annual CMP Users’ Conference, the Getting to Know CMP workshops, and the CMP Teacher Leader/Coaches workshop. These extensive development processes for CMP1 and CMP2 and the ongoing gathering of information from teachers have resulted in a smaller but more focused development process for CMP3.

Therefore, the process of revision for CMP3 was similar to the preceding iterations except on a smaller scale. A group of field-test teachers from CMP2 trialed the versions of the Units for CMP3 that had substantive changes from CMP2. They also contributed to the development of the assessment items and suggested many of the new features in the student and teacher materials. They were influential in designing many new features such as the “focus questions” for each problem, a more streamlined set of mathematical goals, and Mathematical Reflections. Their feedback was invaluable in making sure that our adjustment for CCSSM resulted in materials from which students and teachers could learn. CMP3 is fully aligned with the CCSSM and Mathematical Practices and reflects the thoughtful concern and care of the authors and CMP3 trial teachers. This process has produced a mathematical experience that is highly educative for students and teachers in the middle grades.