Mary Beth Schmitt


Mary Beth is a middle school mathematics teacher in Traverse City, Michigan as an implementer of the Connected Mathematics Project since its inception.  As an undergraduate at Michigan State University she had the fortune to be in Bill Fitzgerald’s mathematics course for teachers and began her career in 1985 with the pilot versions of the Middle Grades Mathematics Project, the pre-cursor of CMP.   The piloting and adoption process for CMP, CMP2 and CMP3 has enabled her to enact the art of teaching with her students.  As a member of the assessment team for  CMP, CMP2 and CMP3 as well  as a contributing writer for A Guide to Connected Mathematics 3: Understanding, Implementing and Teaching, she has had the honor to be a part of the CMP family with a unique perspective.  She thoroughly enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for teaching and learning by providing professional development to new and experienced CMP teachers across the country.