CMP at Regional & National Conferences

52nd NCSM Annual Conference

Chicago, IL
March 30th to April 1st, 2020

Not Your Grandparents’ Algebra: Connecting Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practices Through Rich Algebraic Tasks
Presented by Elizabeth Phillips and Yvonne Slanger-Grant
Unpacking the Mathematics Needed for Proportional Reasoning
Presented by AJ Edson, Elizabeth Phillips, and Yvonne Slanger-Grant
Explore a new framework for supporting diverse learning needs in rich mathematics problem-solving classroom environments. The differentiation framework highlights five different components needed to enhance how students access and engage with deep mathematical learning. Discussions center on developing students as knowers and doers of mathematics by focusing on students’ strengths, backgrounds, and experiences.
Understanding Differentiation in a Problem-Based, Mathematics Teaching-Learning Environment
Presented by Yvonne Slanger-Grant and AJ Edson