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CMP at Regional & National Conferences

The NCSM Annual Conference and NCTM Conference have been cancelled.

2020 NCSM Annual Conference

Understanding Differentiation in a Problem-Based, Mathematics Teaching-Learning Environmen
Explore a new framework for supporting diverse learning needs in rich mathematics problem-solving classroom environments. The differentiation framework highlights five different components needed to enhance how students access and engage with deep mathematical learning. Discussions center on developing students as knowers and doers of mathematics by focusing on students' strengths, backgrounds, and experiences.
Monday, March 29 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Room: Randolph 1B
Lead Speaker: Yvonne Slanger-Grant Co-Presenter: Alden Edson
Unpacking the Mathematics Needed for Proportional Reasoning
Let's build our capacity to help teachers and students develop deep understandings of proportionality. Understanding proportional relationships is critical for mathematical proficiency in mathematics. But what does it mean to develop a deep understanding of proportionality? How can we make proportional reasoning more visible in number, algebra, measurement, geometry, probability, and statistics? Bring your ideas as we look at what it takes to support teachers in developing student proportional reasoning in deep and flexible ways.
Wednesday, April 1 8:15AM to 9:15AM
Room: Randolph 2
Lead Speaker: Alden Edson Co-Presenter: Yvonne Slanger-Grant Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Phillips
Not Your Grandparents’ Algebra: Connecting Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practices Through Rich Algebraic Tasks
This talk will examine some algebraic tasks from a contextual, problem-based curriculum. Evidence of students’ mathematical understanding and sense making will be discussed through classroom videos, student work, and longitudinal research data. This discussion will focus on deepening understanding by how teachers can support student use of the mathematical practices as they build on prior knowledge and make visible new concept connections.
Wednesday, April 1 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM
Room: Columbus AB
Lead Presenter: Elizabeth Phillips Co Presenter: Yvonne Slanger-Grant

2020 NCTM Conference

Promoting STEM Engagement in Mathematics Classrooms: A Focus on Problems, Students, and Teachers
STEM engagement in mathematics classrooms is needed to prepare students as they address current and future global challenges. In this session, we will experience a new STEM problem-based teaching approach. We will discuss the importance of the STEM problems, students' experience with the problem-solving process, and teachers' equitable practices.
Saturday, April 4 9:45AM to 11:00AM
Room: McCormick Place – Lakeside Center, E450B
Lead Speaker: Kathryn Appenzeller Co-Presenter: Charles Fessler Co-Presenter: Sunyoung Park Co-Presenter: Alden Edson