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Yvonne Slanger-Grant

Yvonne is currently an academic specialist in outreach at the Michigan State University CMP office. Throughout her career, Yvonne has bounced in and out of classroom teaching and working for CMP. Now retired from her school district, she can concentrate solely on CMP. She worked the last few years out of the classroom as teacher in residence and professional development coordinator for CMP. She has been in this role before. During the development of CMP2, she was out of the classroom working in the CMP office. Yvonne has worked on all aspects of the development, implementation, and professional development of the CMP curriculum from it beginning in 1991. She was a field test teacher for both CMP1 and CMP3. And, she has done extensive professional development for teachers and leaders at local, state, and national events all around the US.


  • Differentiation Framework for a Problem-Based Teaching-Learning Environment