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The Digital Learning Environment

A digital learning environment allows students to use inscriptions more effectively by giving them ways to capture and archive thinking that makes sense. Students will be able to make notes on their work to help sort and reference the mathematical thoughts for future use. This feature will also support students’ learning of big math ideas over time because retrieval will be easier. Also, the learning spaces will support collaborative practices where students can share and build upon each other's work.

The digital work spaces will allow students to:

  1. organize and map their ideas
  2. generate and manipulate representations using a variety of different tools
  3. incorporate work from others
  4. link representations together
  5. disseminate their work into their individual, group, or class spaces.

These spaces will benefit teachers as well. They will be able to observe the work, monitor each student’s contribution to group work, and select work to be uploaded to the class space for use in summary discussions.

The digital inscriptional resources will be freely available online for researchers and schools, making them accessible to a wider audience.