A Message from Pearson: New CMP3 Things of Note on Realize

  • Nov 7, 2018
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The following announcement is from Pearson Publishing.

Teacher Connection and Classroom Connection videos are easily accessed within the various levels of the Table of Contents on Realize. Hear strategies from real CMP3 teachers for addressing differentiation, supporting ELLs and struggling students. See many of these approaches in action in the CMP3 classroom and watch real students work through Problems. Also, selected Problems in each grade level include Classroom Connection videos for all three parts of the problem! One for Launch, Explore, and Summarize so you can see students experience all parts of a Problem from start to finish.

See these Problems at each grade level for the consecutive Classroom Connection videos:

  • Grade 6 Comparing Bits and Pieces  Investigation 2: Problem 1.5  
  • Grade 7 Accentuate the Negative  Investigation 2: Problem 2.1  
  • Grade 8 The Pythagorean Theorem  Investigation 3: Problem 3.3