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A Recap of the 2016 Users' Conference


Release Date: March 7, 2016

Many participants left this year's CMP Users' Conference feeling re-energized and eager to try to new ideas in their classrooms. The conversations were engaging and insightful, focused around mathematics teaching, learning, and assessing for all CMP classes. Their positive energy and professionalism played a key part in the success of this conference.

"This is my second year using CMP3 and I'm so thankful and glad that I was able to attend this conference."

Valerie L. Mills, Oakland Schools Supervisor, Mathematics Education Consultant, and NCSM Immediate-Past President, kicked off the event with her keynote talk "Look for and Make Use of Design Structure: A Powerful Practice for Teachers of CMP." From there, participants joined various breakout sessions that focused on student work, CMP classrooms, assessment, mathematics, diverse students, technology, and more.

Presenters included CMP Author Elizabeth Phillips; CMP Author Susan Friel; AJ Edson; Amy Ray; Anne Marie Nicoll Turner; Carolyn Droll; Cynthia Callard; Funda Gonulates; Gloria Jentz; Jamie Wernet; Jan Robinson; Jen Nimtz; Jennifer Kruger; Jennifer Perillo; Jenny Jorgensen; Jim Mamer; Karrie Tufts; Katie Lantz; Kay Neuse; Kevin Lawrence; Mary Beth Schmitt; Mary Bouck; Melanie Del Grosso; Molade Osibodu; Nic Gilbertson; Shawn Towle; Teri Keusch; and Tommy Lingbloom.

The conference ended with Yvonne Grant and her closing talk "Using CMP to Survive in Today's High Stakes Environment."

"This was a well-organized conference. I enjoyed the workshops, meeting other teachers and sharing ideas and strategies."

A special thank you goes out to those who participated.

Coming up in June are our three week long workshops: Getting to Know CMP, Digging Deeper into CMP, and Leadership. Registration is currently open.

The dates have also been set for the 2017 Users' Conference, February 24 to 25, 2017. This will mark our 20th year of the Users' Conference.

Photographs from 2016 Users' Conference