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CMP Staff to Attend NCSM


Release Date: April 7, 2016

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The CMP team is packing up and heading west to present at the 48th annual NCSM Conference in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay area in California. The conference will be held April 11 to 13, 2016 and focuses on the important issues for leaders in mathematics education.

CMP Staff will be presenting three sessions.

The Marriage of Functions and Algebra in the CCSSM Era

This session will explore how functions and algebra emerge as a coherent strand in problem-centered curricula. In these curricula, the Standards for Mathematical Practice, classroom discourse, and the NCTM’s Teaching Practice play prominent roles. The potential for student learning and the role of leaders will be discussed.

Decomposing the Daily Practice of Formative Assessment: A Framework for Mathematics Teachers and Instructional Leaders.

Extensive research evidence suggests student learning improves significantly when students are provided frequent feedback on their progress and when teachers use assessment as a core component when planning instruction. Informed by research and practice, we have developed a framework for decomposing classroom practices with related classroom videos, teacher questions and strategies, and reflections that support formative assessment as an integral part of planning, teaching, and reflecting. This session engages participants in formative assessment resources intended to support teachers in anticipating student strategies and solutions, gathering and analyzing evidence, and adapting instruction.

Envisioning Classrooms of Empowered And Mathematically Proficient Students

Powerful student learning requires active engagement. Let’s discuss what it means and looks like to empower all students through rich mathematical experiences in learning environments that promote student Agency, Authority and Identity as defined in TRU Math. Classroom video and student work examples are used to provoke conversation among leaders.

More information is available on the 2016 NCSM Annual Conference Website. For more information on other national conferences that CMP has attended or will be attending this year, visit CMP at National Conferences.