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CMP to Receive Second New Grant


Release Date: April 4, 2017

CMP has received a second NSF grant focusing on how the use of open-ended problems and "just-in-time" supports in a digital platform can promote inquiry-based mathematics learning. Entitled, "Promoting Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Learning with Open Problems and 'Just-In-Time' Supports for Middle School Mathematics," the study will contribute new knowledge in mathematics education about how to support students' learning and engagement. 

Building on Connected Mathematics, a widely adopted and researched middle school mathematics curriculum, the project will examine middle school students' mathematics learning and productive disciplinary engagement, as well as teachers' role in the classroom environment.

"Just-in-time" supports will give students options for seeking help as they work on an open problem and give teachers the opportunity to generate prompts for students working in small groups.

This project is supported by NSF's EHR Core Research (ECR) program. The ECR program emphasizes fundamental STEM education research that generates foundational knowledge in the field.

Investigators for this grant are Elizabeth Phillips (Principal Investigator), Kristen Bieda (Co-Principal Investigator), Chad Dorsey (Co-Principal Investigator), Alden Edson (Co-Principal Investigator), and Joseph Krajcik (Co-Principal Investigator).

More details pertaining to this grant are available on the NSF's website (NSF Program 15-509).