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CMP to Speak at NCSM & NCTM


Release Date: March 26, 2019

AJ Edson, Elizabeth Phillips, Yvonne Slanger-Grant

Elizabeth Phillips, AJ Edson, and Yvonne Slanger-Grant will be speaking at this year’s NCSM and NCTM Research Conferences in San Diego, California. These conferences focus on important issues for leaders in mathematics education and will be held April 1st to 3rd, 2019.

At NCSM, Elizabeth, AJ, and Yvonne will be focusing on teaching through open problem activities. Their talk, Over Thirty Years of Teaching Through Open Problem Activities: Going Deep with Mathematics, will discuss the practice of “going deep with mathematics,” particularly around helping students solve an open problem, unpack the embedded mathematics, and connect learning to prior and future knowledge.

Their second talk at NCTM Research, will focus on the Arc of Learning Framework. In The Arc of Learning Framework: Building Learning Over Time  AJ, Elizabeth, and Yvonne will look at how the Arc of Learning highlights ways that student learning can evolve from informal knowledge to more sophisticated reasoning over time. Participants will become familiar with the Arc of Learning by interacting with examples from a problem-centered curriculum.

For more information about the conferences, visit 2019 NCSM Annual Conference and 2019 NCTM Research Conference.