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CMP to Speak at the 2019 Annual AMTE Conference

Release Date: January 28, 2019

AJ Edson, Elizabeth Phillips, Yvonne Slanger-Grant

AJ Edson, Elizabeth Phillips, Yvonne Slanger-Grant


This February, Elizabeth Phillips, AJ Edson, and Yvonne Slanger-Grant will be speaking at the 23rd Annual AMTE Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference provides "inclusive opportunities for a diverse community of mathematics educators to share current reach and practice findings." 

The CMP team will explore equity-based teaching practices in mathematics by focusing on teaching through open problems. In their talk, Teaching with Open Problem Activities: Dilemmas and Success Over 25 Years, they will highlight dilemmas and successes teachers face when helping students solve problems, unpack the embedded mathematics, and connect learning to prior and future knowledge.

More information can be found at CMP at Regional and National Conferences or at AMTE Annual Conference