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Elizabeth Phillips to Attend ECR Fundamental Research in Stem Conference


Release Date: September 21, 2017

Elizabeth Phillips is presenting a poster at ECR Fundamental Research in Stem: Progress, Issues, & the Future, hosted in Alexandria, VA on September 25 and 26, 2017.

Their project, Promoting Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Learning with Open Problems and “Just-in-Time” Supports in Middle School Mathematics, explores two broad hypotheses about how a new digital environment can improve middle school mathematics education:  (1) overall disciplinary engagement and learning in mathematics from diverse classroom settings is enhanced through the use of open problems with “just-in-time”? supports, and (2) “just-in-time”? supports provide a mechanism to attend to the particular needs of students as they collaboratively engage in open problems, while maintaining integrity to the goals of the lesson and the underlying learning progressions.
The research activities will add to foundational knowledge about teaching and learning mathematics in three important ways. We will report on (1) evidence of productive disciplinary engagement and student learning of mathematics as result of enacting open problems and “just-in-time” supports in a digital learning environment; (2) productive disciplinary engagement and learning at key points of the underlying learning progressions; and (3) teachers’ use of the “just-in-time” supports to help students collaboratively explore problems and make sense of the mathematical lesson goals. To conduct research that achieves these outcomes, we will build from an existing digital platform and an NSF-funded curriculum to create a new environment where students collaboratively engage with open problems and “just-in-time” supports.

Details about the conference are available at ECR Fundamental Research in STEM: Progress, Issues, & the Future.