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Free online Professional Development from NC State


Release Date: September 26, 2016

This Fall, a team at the Friday Institute at NC State University is offering TWO Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-ED) for in-service and pre-service middle and high school mathematics teachers' professional development.

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Teaching Mathematics with Technology

Lead designer and instructor: Karen Hollebrands

This new course builds on over a decade of experiences researching students' learning with technology tools and developing materials for teachers to prepare them to use technology to teach mathematics. The course is designed for middle and high school mathematics teachers to develop their skills and vision for using affordances of technology to support students' learning of mathematics (e.g., multiple linked dynamic representations, direct manipulation of objects, computational power, the ability to model and simulate real events). Participants will be able to engage in different tasks using technology, examine ways students and teachers interact with these tools, and consider how to have productive classroom discussions when using technology-enabled tasks. 

Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigation

Lead Designer and Instructor: Hollylynne Lee

This course is applicable to anyone interested in strengthening their approaches to teaching statistics through data investigations. Educators learn to use online data sources and analysis tools as well as understand a framework for designing instruction and assessment to support students' statistical investigations. The statistical content and strategies are appropriate for implementation with middle school through early college learners. Thus, teachers of statistics in grades 6-12 and in post-secondary contexts are the primary audience. This course may also be of interest to elementary teachers, teacher educators, and teachers of other disciplines who use data-based explorations extensively to make claims and inferences (e.g., science, social science). This course has attracted about 2500 educators from 50 states and 84 countries over the past 18 months. A great opportunity to learn with others around the world who care about improving their practice in teaching statistics content!

If you have any questions please contact either

Karen Hollebrands

Hollylynne Lee