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Jamie Wernet's "Lessons Learned Going Back to School" published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School


Release Date: November 1, 2016

Former CMP Graduate Assistant, Jamie Wernet, was published in this month’s Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. Jamie’s paper, entitled “Lessons Learned Going Back to School”, describes the challenges she faced from reentering the classroom after her years of graduate school. She also addresses different things she tried in overcoming those difficulties and what she learned about being a teacher.

“When I returned to teaching after several years in graduate school, I came armed with knowledge and visions of a student-centered classroom. My experiences in a doctoral program taught me much about effective mathematics instruction and rekindled my desire to teach. However, a student-centered classroom reflected a major shift in my instruction. Years before when I taught high school mathematics, I had quickly fallen into familiar teaching patterns. I used a traditional curriculum and found that lecturing while students filled in notes was a manageable and reasonably effective process. This time would be different, however, because I had the opportunity to teach a problem-based curriculum, Connected Mathematics 3 (CMP) (Lappan et al. 2014). I was determined to offer high-level tasks and maintain cognitive demand (Henningsen and Stein 1997), orchestrate meaningful mathematical discussions (Smith et al. 2009), and foster effective and equitable group work (Cohen and Lotan 1994).”

The paper can be purchased at NCTM.