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Kick off the Summer with a CMP Workshop


Release Date: March 30, 2016

"I very much enjoyed the workshop. The atmosphere of working together, brainstorming, gave me a picture of the method and philosophy of Connected Mathematics."

A 2015 participant describes their experience from attending the CMP summer workshops. Held every year in June on Michigan State University campus, the workshops have been providing a classroom-like experience for teachers and teacher leaders almost since the beginning of CMP.

The original workshop, Getting to Know CMP, started 21 years ago. Since then, CMP has expanded the summer offerings to include the Leadership Workshop, now going on it's 9th year, and the newly designed Digging Deeper into CMP Workshop. These week long workshops provide different training based on the needs of the participants.

Half way through the week, attendees will take a break from the classroom and participate in the CMP Carnival. The carnival consists of games taken or adapted from various Units in Grade 6, 7, and 8. Playing the games illustrates some of the mathematical understanding and reaching that students develop during the year in the areas of number, geometry, and probability.

Early registration for all workshops ends May 2, 2016 and registration closes June 13, 2016, two weeks prior to the events.

Getting to Know CMP Workshops

"This workshop has made all the difference to prepare me for my first year of teaching."

Attendees of the Getting to Know CMP Workshops will join a Grade 6, Grade 7, or Grade 8 group for an in-depth discussion on mathematics and the pedagogy in CMP3. More details and registration information are available at Getting to Know CMP Workshops.

Leadership Workshop

"This leadership workshop has been beyond my expectations. I came to this workshop with an overwhelming task and I am leaving with confidence that I can build a plan to start this process."

Those attending the Leadership Workshop will join fellow CMP teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators to discuss and share strategies for enhancing implementation of CMP3. More details and application to attend are available at Leadership Workshop.

Digging Deeper into CMP Workshop

The new Digging Deeper into CMP workshop is designed for teachers and teacher leaders who want to have cross-grade discussions to analyze CMP more deeply. Details and registration information are available at Digging Deeper into CMP.