Latest Update to the Dash Student Place

  • Mar 9, 2015
  • news, Dash, Student Place, Update

The latest update to the Dash Student Place (ACTIVe-book) is now live with all users. Here's the highlights:

  1. Need more space to show work or take notes in the ACTIVe-book? You can now add an extra blank page wherever you need one. Simply click on the "page icon" in the upper right corner of any ACTIVe-book page.
  2. HTML Student Edition books for accessibility are available in the ACTIVe-book. To access, use the "Links" menu in the upper-right toolbar and select the HTMLBook.
  3. All of the errata updates received through December 2014 have been implemented.

The next Dash Student Place update will be in Summer 2015!