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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Release Date: June 9, 2020


This has been the most unusual school year that any of us have known. You have had to be flexible and creative while persevering personally and professionally through unique times. We applaud you! We thank you for being the professionals that you are, willing to transform your teaching to support and educate students in new ways.

As we begin to look ahead to next school year, it seems there are still many questions about what will happen. What will the school year look like? What will change and what will stay the same? Who will be in school? Will I see my students face to face? What will I be teaching?

We know that you will have to make critical choices to start the school year. While we cannot be there to help each of you individually, we want to support you. We hope that these resources may offer a little support as you prepare for the next school year.

Scope and Sequence

This contains goals for a unit, standards, how the mathematics connects to prior and future work, and more.

Focus Question, Unit Goals, and Mathematical Reflections

This is a two-page format with the questions that provide the storyline for each unit.

Framing Technology Choices

This is a video discussion of making critical choices when choosing technology to use in the classroom.

How I Plan a Lesson

This is a video interview of a teacher’s process and thoughts around planning to teach the next lesson.

CMP Facebook Discussion Group

Please keep conversations going with other teachers, leaders, and us on the CMP Facebook Discussion Group.

Share your stories and ideas to help us all stay connected.

Take some time to care for yourself this summer.

Stay safe and healthy!

CMP at Michigan State University