Resources to Help You Thrive in CMP

  • Oct 27, 2014
  • resources, teachers, planning, teaching, reflecting, assessing

As the school year progresses, we want to remind you of some resources available that might be useful for planning, teaching and reflecting.

The Planning Guide provides essential information in planning for and teaching specific lessons in the CMP curriculum.

The Focus Questions section contains the Goals, Focus Questions, and Mathematical Reflections for each unit in one document to assist with planning and teaching.

Our latest addition to Teacher Support is CMP teacher Jennifer Kruger’s Learning to Plan video. Jennifer explains her experiences in planning for a lesson and offers some tips and suggestions.

Looking for student work? Currently examples from Shapes and Designs, Problem 2.2: Angle of Any Sums and Comparing and Scaling, Problem 1.2: Making Juice. New examples of student work will be added throughout the year.

In addition to the teacher support on our websitethere is a CMP Teachers Discussions Board on Facebook. New and experienced CMP teachers are asking questions and proposing new strategies for a smoother and more successful implementation of CMP.

If you have suggestions on what you find helpful, please contact us.

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