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The Genre(s) of Argumentation in School Mathematics Published in Michigan Reading Journal

Release Date: January 6, 2020


Kristen Bieda, David Bowers, Valetin Kuchle

The Genre(s) of Argumentation in School Mathematics written by a team of Michigan State University researchers was published in the Michigan Reading Journal. The audience for this journal is  K-12 literacy teachers and specialists. The authors used a theory developed by two of the authors as a lens to look some of the tasks from the Looking for Pythagoras tasks from the Connected Mathematics Project Curriculum (CMP 1 and CMP 3.)

The author’s goal was to argue that shifts in the task prompts from CMP 1 to CMP 3 may have opened up opportunities for students to generate different kinds of arguments about the Pythagorean Theorem. In this article, the authors  “seek to: (1) contribute to the breaking down of disciplinary boundaries between literary arts and mathematics by articulating the role that argument, as a literary convention, plays in mathematics, and (2) to explore how viewing mathematical argumentation as a genre of literature (or discourse more broadly) can help us see how teachers and curricula frame students’ engagement in argumentation in ways that have consequences for students’ understanding and social practice.”

The paper was written by Kristen N. Bieda, Ph. D., David M. Bowers, and Valentin A. B. Küchle.  Read the paper.