The Publish for the CMP3 Dash Teacher Place Goes Live

  • Mar 5, 2015
  • Dash, Updates

The Publish for the CMP3 Dash Teacher Place is complete and live with users. Here's the highlights:

  1. On the Course Overview page for each grade, we have added an editable End-of-Year Assessment. Each assessment includes two parts. The first part includes short answers, multiple choice, and matching assessment items, while the second part includes more complex problems that require explanations. Also included is a Test Bank of additional items so that teachers can customize their assessment, create a mid-year assessment, or provide additional problems at any point during the year. The answer files include a correlation of the Assessment and Test Bank items to the CMP3 Unit(s) where the content is covered.
  2. On the Unit Overview page for every CMP3 Unit, we have added a Unit Graphic Organizer for teachers. This high-level graphic organizer provides an overview of the Unit which includes Essential Ideas, a list of the Investigations and Problems, and the Focus Question for each Problem.
  3. All of the errata updates received through December 2014 have been implemented.

The next Dash Teacher Place update will occur in Summer 2015.