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The Story of Launch-Explore-Summarize

Release Date: November 11, 2019


In 1980, the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded the Middle Grades Mathematics Project (MGNP). MGMP is a curriculum project developed at Michigan State University. MGMP consists of five middle school mathematics units, which are still in print. These units formed the basis for the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) middle school mathematics curriculum which was also funded by NSF. Both MGMP and CMP are problem-based curriculum. To help the teacher implement the curriculum requires extensive teacher support. One of the supports that was developed by the MGMP authors is an instructional model that consists of three phases: Launch-Explore-Summarize (LES). 

These two documents provide a historical record of the design and implementation of LES.


History of LES

LES Instructional Model: Launch-Explore-Summarize Paper

The LES Instructional Model: Launch-Explore-Summarize is a paper delivered by one of the MGMP authors at a MGMP Teachers Honor Workshop in 1984. The paper explains the goals, structure, and teaching techniques within the Instructional Model.

Introduction to a MGMP Unit

From the Introduction to a MGMP Unit, this document describes the MGMP philosophy, including a description of the LES.