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CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Yvonne Grant

Release Date: October 24, 2014

Yvonne GrantA middle school mathematics teacher from Portland Middle School in Portland, Michigan, Yvonne is currently out of the classroom working as a professional development coordinator and teacher in residence at CMP.

Yvonne Grant’s career has been wrapped around working with and for CMP. She has worked on all aspects of the development, implementation, and professional development of the CMP curriculum from it beginning in 1991. Besides teaching middle school, Yvonne spent five years teaching 3rd Grade. Also, she worked as a mathematics instructional coach for two years. Through it all, she returns to middle school teaching, curriculum, and professional development. She has found it an honor and privilege to work so closely with the CMP authors and staff for many years.

Being an alum of Western Michigan University with a BS and MA, she has slowly adjusted to, but has now become, an enthusiastic Spartan fan.

When not working, Yvonne enjoys her family with two sons who dominate her time. She hopes to retire one day in a house overlooking the water.