Ongoing Research

Ongoing research and curriculum projects to improve teaching and learning mathematics in CMP classrooms. Updates on progress and products will be added as they occur.

The Promoting Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Learning with Open Problems and 'Just-In-Time' Supports for Middle School Mathematics Project focuses on how students collaboratively explore problems and make sense of the mathematics problems by developing and testing “just-in-time” supports that help students increase access to and maintain the challenge of mathematics problems.

The Enhancing Students’ Capacity to Develop and Communicate Their Understanding Using Digital Inscriptional Resources Project focuses on how to support students in what they write or draw in collaborative settings and on how to track conceptual growth of big mathematical ideas over time.

The Arc of Learning framework is a resource for curriculum design and use that makes explicit the intentions of the curriculum designers about how students engage in the learning of mathematics over time.

Teachers assess student learning of mathematics throughout a CMP lesson. This project focuses on developing a set of resources to help mathematics teachers and instructional leaders make sense of formative assessment as an ongoing process in CMP lessons.

A unique feature of the CMP curriculum is that curriculum-generated student work is a context for student learning of mathematics. This project focuses on the role of student work found in curriculum materials and its potential for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics.