Ongoing Research

NSF EHR CORE Research Grant
NSF DRK12 Research Grant
Arc of Learning Research Project at MSU

In this section, we describe various research and curriculum projects to improve teaching and learning mathematics in CMP classrooms. We will continue to provide updates on progress and products as they occur.

The Formative Assessment Research Project at MSU

Throughout a CMP lesson, teachers engage in three components of formative assessment, supported by current research and best practices in mathematics education. To address concerns about how to assess student learning during the enactment process, we have developed a set of resources to help mathematics teachers and instructional leaders make sense of formative assessment as an ongoing process in CMP lessons.

The Student Work in Curriculum Materials Research Project at MSU

The potential benefits of curricular examples of student work are largely unknown because most research related to student work has examined effects of student work for enhancing student learning and teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. The purpose of this project is to explore the use of student work found in curriculum materials and its potential for improving the teaching-learning environment.