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Teach CMP in digital environment designed for students and teachers to collaborate

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You are invited to participate in a research study of a new approach to help middle school mathematics students and teachers collaborate in a digital environment. The robust digital collaborative platform designed specifically for CMP teaching and learning works in face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid classrooms.

Note: Limited spots are available for the 2021-2022 school year.

The cost is free to schools.

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Funded by the National Science Foundation, this design research project is a partnership between Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) at Michigan State University and the Concord Consortium.


  • Investigate mathematics using a new CMP STEM Problem format that is embedded in the platform and supports students as doers, knowers, creators, and communicators of mathematics
  • Develop mathematics with a variety of tools in a safe and collaborative setting – students can document, share, refine, publish, curate, and retrieve their thinking
  • Access, incorporate, edit, and share work – move back and forth between individual and collaborative spaces
  • Extend their learning of mathematics concepts by transforming their work into useable classroom artifacts for future use and reflection in a mathematics learning log


  • Plan, teach, and reflect with embedded teacher resources and classroom artifacts
  • Access and monitor digital artifacts of individual, small group, or whole class student thinking in real time or after class
  • Create and send “just-in-time” supports (e.g., messages, feedback) to individuals, groups, and classes
  • Quickly scan and select student work for possible inclusion in summary discussions
  • Mark up and incorporate student work into classroom artifacts that reflect the mathematics learning of the classroom
  • Publish classroom artifacts for students to incorporate into their individual learning log workspace


Participating teachers will be expected to:

  • Teach one or more of the following Grade 7 CMP units: Stretching and Shrinking, Comparing and Scaling, and/or Moving Straight Ahead
  • Assist with obtaining commitment from school administration to support your efforts
  • Have access to a classroom set of laptops (Chrome, Mac, or Windows) and reliable WiFi
  • Participate in a 1-hour session of professional learning prior to each unit (face-to-face or virtual)
  • Provide feedback following classroom implementation

Apply by May 15, 2021 to participate in this National Science Foundation design research project. Accepted candidates will be notified by June 1, 2021.

Please feel free to invite other math teachers in your department or your district!

Watch these videos featuring the digital collaborative platform: Math Understanding in a Digital Collaborative Environment and Digital Collaboration and Productive Disciplinary Engagement.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth “Billie” Lozen at

Apply to Participate

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