Student Work Examples

Student Work from various CMP Units is provided to stimulate conversations about the mathematical teaching and learning embedded in individual Problems. To add more examples of student work on CMP problems, please email For more information about current research on student work carried out by the CMP Staff, visit the Student Work in Curriculum Materials Research Project.

Grade 6  

Let's Be Rational

Student Work for Let's Be Rational Problem 3.3
These student strategies (from Let’s Be Rational Problem 3.3) are a teacher’s documentation of student thinking over many years using CMP. Knowing the ways that students may approach the problems can be helpful to teachers in a few ways.

Decimal Ops

Student Work for Decimal Ops Problem 4.1
These student strategies (from Decimal Ops Problem 4.1) are a teacher’s documentation of student thinking. Knowing the ways that students may approach the problems can be helpful.

Grade 7  

Shapes and Designs

Problem 2.2
Shapes and Designs Problem 2.2 asks students to make an important generalization about the angle sum property for any polygon. Students are introduced to the strategies of three students and asked to make sense of the strategies for finding the angle sums of polygons.
Problem 2.3
The photos show students working during the Explore (from Shapes and Designs Problem 2.3) to create posters that show regular polygons that do and do not tessellate.

Comparing and Scaling

Problem 1.2: Making Juice
The “Orange Juice” Problem in the Grade 7 Unit: Comparing and Scaling has become a classic CMP problem. Iterations of the problem have been in all three versions of CMP. While working with the problem, students generate many interesting strategies for determining the “most orangey” tasting juice from four different recipes.

Moving Straight Ahead

Problem 2.1: Henri and Emile' Race
Students use many strategies to decide how long to make the race between the two brothers. Some strategies are more efficient and effective than others. This student work represents a variety of strategies that students use. The work does not show students’ answers to the question.

Grade 8  

Frogs, Fleas, and, Painted Cubes

Check Up Preparation for Frogs, Fleas, and, Painted Cubes
Frogs, Fleas, and, Painted Cubes is designated as an Algebra I unit in CMP3. Many CMP2 districts taught this unit to all 8th Graders and continue to use the unit with all Grade 8 students for CMP3. The unit develops students’ proficiency with the distributive property and quadratic functions.

For All Grades  

Frogs, Fleas, and, Painted Cubes

Unit Posters Help Students Summarize Their Learning
At the end of each Unit, a teacher in Michigan has students summarize the Investigations on posters. Throughout the year students improved their ability to document and articulate their mathematical thinking.