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Modeling More Multiplication Situations

Developing an Algorithm for Fraction Multiplication

For CMP2 Unit Bits and Pieces II, Problem 3.3

For CMP3 Unit Let's Be Rational, Problem 2.2

This video focuses on the learning trajectory for developing an algorithm for multiplying mixed numbers. The focus is on student learning and teacher action during the Launch, Explore, and Summary phases of the lesson. The video ends with the teacher's reflection on the lesson, including her goals, students' understanding, and her plans for the next lesson.

Real time is 2 class periods.

As you view the video, consider the following:

  • What evidence is there of students' understanding and reasoning? What prior understandings do you see students using or building upon?
  • What is the evidence of students' use of the Mathematical Practices from the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)? To what extent are students growing in their sophistication of using the Mathematical Practices?
  • Were there any "aha" moments?
  • How is the teacher facilitating the development of students' understanding and reasoning?
  • As a teacher, how would you use this information from this lesson to plan the next lesson?

Full Length Video (21:15) or

Video Clips by Chapter (length varies)