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Goals for CMP2 Relating Fraction & Decimal Multiplication, Problem 2-1

  • Estimate the relative size of a decimal product prior to finding an exact answer
  • Develop place-value understanding of decimal multiplication
  • Solve problems that require decimal multiplication
  • Consider how finding a decimal part of and a fraction part of a quantity affects the relative size of a product
  • Use place value to reason about decimal multiplication
  • Explore the relationship between factors and products in decimal multiplication
  • Develop estimation strategies for finding decimal products
  • Use estimation as a strategy for locating the position of the decimal in finding exact decimal products
  • Generalize an approach to placing the decimal point into a product that involves counting and adding decimal places
  • Consider when various strategies are useful for finding decimal products
  • Understand what happens to place value and the position of the decimal when you multiply by powers of ten
  • Develop at least one efficient algorithm for multiplying decimals