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Goals for CMP3 Relating Fraction & Decimal Multiplication

Numeric Estimation Understand that estimation can be used as a tool in a variety of situations, including as a way to check answers and make decisions. Use estimates to solve problems and check answers.

Decimal Operations Revisit and continue to develop meanings for the four arithmetic operations on rational numbers, and practice using algorithms to operate on decimals. Recognize when addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division is the appropriate operation to solve a problem. Use place value to develop understanding of algorithms and to relate operations with decimals to the same operations with fractions. Extend understanding of multiplication and division of multidigit whole numbers Develop standard algorithms for multiplying and dividing decimals with the aid of, at most, paper and pencil. Find a repeating or terminating decimal equivalent to a given fraction Solve problems using arithmetic operations on decimals, including finding unit rates.

Variables and Number Sentences Use variables to represent unknown values and number sentences to represent relationships between values. Write number sentences to represent relationships between both real-world and abstract values. Use fact families to write and solve equivalent number sentences. Use multiplication sentences to check division sentences.