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Comparing Costs & Connecting Tables, Graphs, & Equations

Linear Relationships - Making Connections

For CMP2, Problem 2.3 Comparing Costs & 2.4 Connecting Tables, Graphs, & Equations

This video is focused on students making mathematical connections as they develop understanding of linear functions. The Focus Questions are all about analyzing connections students make, with or without the help of the teacher.

The video concludes with the teacher reflecting her planning, her teaching decisions, the students making mathematical connections, and how she helps student develop a meaningful understanding of vocabulary terms.

Real time 2.5 class periods.

As you view the video, consider the following:

  • What is the evidence of students’ understanding and reasoning? What prior understandings do you see students using or building upon?
  • What is the evidence of students’ use of the mathematical practices from the Common Core State Standards? To what extent are students growing in their sophistication of their use of the practices?
  • Were there any “aha moments” in the video?
  • How is the teacher facilitating the development of students’ understanding and reasoning?
  • As a teacher, how would you use the information from this lesson to plan the next lesson?

Full Length Video (35:18) or

Video Clips by Chapter (length varies)