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Goals for CMP3 Henri and Emile's Race, Problem 2.1

Linear Relationships Recognize problem situations in which two variables have a linear relationship.

  • Odentify and describe the patterns of change between the independent and dependent variables for linear relationships represented by tables, graphs, equations, or contextual settings
  • Construct tables, graphs, and symbolic equations taht represent linear relationships
  • Identify the rate of change between two variables and the x- and y-intercepts from graphs, tables, and equations that represent linear relationships.
  • Translate information about linear relationships given in a contextual setting, a table, a graph, or an equation to one of the other forms
  • Write equations that represent linear relationships given specific pieces of information, and describe what information the variables and numbers represent
  • Make a connection between slope as a ratio of vertical distance to horizontal distance between two points on a line and the rate of change between two variables that have a linear relationship
  • Recognize that y = mx represents a proportional relationship
  • Solve problems and make decisions about linear relationships using information given in tables, graphs, and equations