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Math Connections Across All Grades Videos

These clips from CMP2 classrooms were selected from about 24 hour of raw video, shot over the course of 2 years in 3 different Grades in the same school, working on 5 different Units.

In almost any selection from these 24 hours of raw video we might see students making connections to mathematical ideas in the same of previous Units or Problems, or ideas from their own lives.

The focus is on how making connections across other Units and Grades support and sustain student learning. New knowledge is developed by building on and connecting to prior knowledge and in the process deepening prior understanding and building new insights.

For details of all videos, view our Connections Overview Document.

Clips from Bits & Pieces II (clips 1-14)

Clips from Bits & Pieces III (clips 15-27)

Clips from Moving Straight Ahead (clips 28-39)

Clips from Growing, Growing, Growing (clips 40-43)

Clips from Say It With Symbols (clips 44-46)