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Connected Mathematics Project 4 Updates

We are proud to announce the pending release of Connected Mathematics4!
Read below to learn about the history of Connected Mathematics Project, updates made in CMP4, and how you can get Connected Mathematics4 at your school!

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Get to Know Connected Mathematics 4

Connected Mathematics4 Program Booklet Digital 
We invite you to take a look at the Connected Mathematics 4 Program Overiew digital booklet today. 
In it you will see program features of CMP4 and see sample pages from the curriculum.

STEM Problem Format

STEM Problem Format 

Rather than using conventional numbering and lettering (e.g., A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, etc.) that resemble worksheets the CMP STEM Problem Format includes three parts: Initial Challenge, What If…? and Now What Do You Know?

The format promotes learning in an environment that more closely resembles the work of STEM professionals.


Mathematical Reflection

CMP4 Mathematical Reflection 

The Mathematical Reflection for each unit consists of one overarching question that guides the development of the big mathematical idea(s) in the unit.


Arc of Learning

CMP4 Arc of Learning 

The CMP Arc of Learning is a teacher professional resource that makes explicit the intentions of the curriculum designers about how students engage in the learning of mathematics over time. It characterizes deeply grounded and connected learning from informal to more sophisticated understandings that is different than the prevalent focus on student learning as passively watching and imitating isolated skills.


Attending to Individual Learning Needs

Attending to Individual Learning Needs 

The CMP Framework for Attending to the Individual Learning Needs characterizes five essential classroom elements for creating an environment in which teachers can support students’ development of mathematical identities.


About Connected Mathematics Project

Since 1990, the goal of CMP is to help students and teachers develop mathematical knowledge, understanding, and skill along with an awareness of and appreciation for the rich connections among mathematical strands and between mathematics and other disciplines. A single principle has guided the development of CMP:
All students should be able to reason and communicate proficiently in mathematics. They should have knowledge of and skill in the use of the vocabulary, forms of representation, materials, tools, techniques, and intellectual methods of the discipline of mathematics, including the ability to define and solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness, and technical proficiency.

Quotes From a Field-Testing Teachers

“Today in class, one of my students said, "I really like this curriculum...This has been my strongest math year yet."