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Units by Strand

 Grade 6 Unit
 Grade 7 Unit
 Grade 8 Unit

Number, Operations, Rates and Ratio

  •   Prime Time
  •   Comparing Bits and Pieces
  •   Let's be Rational
  •   Demimal Ops
  •   Accentuate the Negative
  •   Comparing and Scaling
  •   Stretching and Shrinking
  •   Looking for Pythagoras
  •   Function Junction

Geometry and Measurement

  •   Covering and Surrounding
  •   Shapes and Designs
  •   Stretching and Shrinking
  •   Filling and Wrapping
  •   Looking for Pythagoras
  •   Butterflies, Pinwheels and Wallpapers

Data Analysis and Probability

  •   Data About Us
  •   What Do You Expect
  •   Samples and Populations
  •   Thinking With Mathematical Models (Investigation 4)

Algebra and Functions

  •   Variables and Patterns
  •   Moving Straight Ahead
  •   Thinking with Mathematical Models
  •   Looking for Pythagoras
  •   Growing, Growing, Growing
  •   Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes
  •   Say It with Symbols
  •   It's in the System
  •   Function Junction