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Preparing to Teach CMP

A quick list of resources on the CMP website as teachers get ready for the school year.

Unit Preparation  

Planning a Unit
Questions to consider when becoming familiar with a Unit
Planning an Investigation
Questions to consider when looking at an Investigation
Focus Questions, Unit Goals, & Mathematical Reflections
The Unit Goals, Focus Questions, and Mathematical Reflections for each unit are contained in one document to assist with planning and teaching.
Scope and Sequence
The Scope and Sequence contains the order of the Units in which they should be taught. In addition, the instructional time and Investigations, goals, Common Core Standards, and connections to other units are provided for each Unit.
CMP Classroom Observation Guide: Working Together to Support Teacher and Student Learning
This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive look at a CMP classroom. Use it to inspire rich conversations among teachers, coaches, and administrators based around the teaching and learning of mathematics in a productive classroom environment.

Lesson Preparation  

Instructional Model
Problem-centered teaching opens the mathematics classroom to exploring, conjecturing, reasoning, and communicating. The CMP model looks at instruction in three phases: launching, exploring, and summarizing.
Planning a Lesson
Questions to consider when planning a Launch, Explore, and Summarize.
Planning to Teach a Problem
Provides important questions that can guide teachers' planning for teaching a Problem.
How I plan a Lesson
Jennifer Kruger, a CMP teacher for ten years, shares how she plans each of her lessons.
Preparing, Questioning, and Scaffolding Considerations Video: Teachers Talking to Teachers 9 minutes 15 seconds
Presented by Whitney Evans and Jim Wohlgenhagen
From the 2010 Users' Conference
This video provides "key ingredients" for preparing an effective lesson.
Providing for Individual Needs
Suggestions on how to increase interaction and participation throughout the Launch, Explore, and Summary.
Reflecting on Student Learning
Jennifer Kruger, a CMP teacher for ten years, shares how she plans each of her lessons.

Discourse and Collaboration: Teacher Strategies

Preparing the Classroom Environment
Suggestions for grouping and displaying student work.
Using Talk Moves to Support Mathematical Discussions in a CMP Classroom
2016 Users' Conference Video
Presented by Cynthia Callard & Jennifer Kruger
Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions
Use the practices to focus the discussion on the mathematics of the lesson.
New CMP Teacher Suggestions Video
From the 2010 Users' Conference
Presented by Yvonne Grant, Teri Keusch, and Jim Mamer
Questions asked by Ryan Hoffman (a student teacher in a CMP classroom), Jill Newton (assistant professor at Purdue University who supervisors student teachers), and audience members.

Discourse and Collaboration: Supporting Students  

Choosing and Establishing Classroom Norms
Establishing a classroom culture where student thinking is visible and valued will help students view learning as their own and strive to work collaboratively to a deeper understanding.
Working with Pairs and Small Groups
CMP suggests two types of collaborative-learning groupings: partner work and small-group work.
Shake It Up Videos
New CMP Teacher Suggestions Video

Student Work and Notebooks  

Role of Student Work in Promoting Understanding and Reasoning
CMP3 uses examples of student work throughout the student editions and teacher support to address the standard: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
Making Thinking Visible
When you are establishing student ownership of their learning, a first step is to have students prepare artifacts that will be displayed for peer observation followed by whole-class or small group dialogue about their artifacts.
Notebooks from the 2014 and 2015 Getting to Know CMP Workshops
Shake It Up
Preparing Communication and Organization Tools
New CMP Teacher Suggestions Video

Using Technology  

Framing Technology Choices 4 minutes 33 seconds
Presented by Shawn Towle and Karrie Tufts
From 2016 Getting to Know CMP Summer Workshops
One to One and Collaboration Video 50 seconds
Presentedby Shawn Towle and Karrie Tufts
From 2016 Getting to Know CMP Summer Workshops
Flipped Classroom & CMP Video  1 minute 42 seconds
Presented by Shawn Towle and Karrie Tufts
From 2016 Getting to Know CMP Summer Workshops