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Look for and Make Use of Design Structure

A Powerful Practice for Teachers of CMP

Valerie L. Mills, Oakland Schools Supervisor, Mathematics Education Consultant NCSM, Immediate-Past President


Valerie Mills

Recall that the CCSS Standard for Mathematical Practice # 7 begins, “Mathematically proficient students look closely to discern a pattern or structure.” As mathematics educators we understand the power of looking for and making use of mathematical structures in learning and doing math. A parallel claim can be applied to the daily planning and implementation work of teachers who are using research-engineered programs such as CMP: Proficient teachers look closely to discern and make use of the embedded instructional structures within and across lessons to teach more efficiently and effectively. Explore the powerful structures and frameworks designed into CMP and consider how understanding and leveraging these structures in planning/teaching might strengthen the practice of both new and experienced CMP users.