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Student Materials

Connected Mathematics 3 provides seven student Units for grade six and eight Units each for grades 7 and 8. Each Unit is organized around an important mathematical idea or cluster of related ideas, such as area and perimeter, operations on fractions, ratio and proportion, linear relationships, or quadratic relationships. The format of the student material promotes student engagement with an exploration of important mathematical concepts and related skills and procedures. Students develop strategies and conceptual understanding by solving Problems and discussing their solutions in class.

The student materials include print student editions and Student Place. Student Place includes an ACTIVe-book for each Unit, which is an online version of the student edition with digital tools for students to be able to write and type right in the book. Student Place also includes digital math tools and student activities, as well as a digital version of the glossary with audio support.

Problem 3.2 Finding the Longest Factor String with digital version