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Creating Virtual Manipulatives Creating Virtual Manipulatives

How can you do some of the activities in CMP Problems in a virtual format? These power points can be made available to students or embedded into other software, such as Google Slides. These will allow students to do activities virtually. Students can manipulate the images to do things like; measure, create new shapes or match representations.

Unit Projects Unit Projects

Each grade level in CMP includes Unit projects. Projects are typically assigned at the end of the Unit. Projects are open-ended tasks that provide opportunities for students to engage in independent work and to demonstrate their broad understanding of the mathematics in the Unit.

Guidelines for Working in Pairs & Groups Guidelines for Working in Pairs & Groups

Working collaboratively allows students to tackle more complicated and more conceptually difficult problems. Providing guidelines to your students will help them understand their responsibilities when it comes to working in pairs and groups.

Formative Assessment Framework Formative Assessment Framework

This Formative Assessment Framework highlights how formative assessment is ongoing in Connected Mathematics during planning, teaching, and reflecting. 

Resources are provided to help mathematics teachers and instructional leaders make sense of formative assessment as an ongoing process occurring throughout CMP lessons.

Algebra and the CCSSM in CMP3 Grade 6 Algebra and the CCSSM in CMP3 Grade 6
An overview of the development of algebra in grade 6 and the connections to the CCSSM for Algebra. Examples include problems from Prime Time, Comparing Bits and Pieces, Let’s Be Rational, Covering and Surrounding, Decimal Ops, and Variables and Patterns.
Blank Vocabulary Glossary Blank Vocabulary Glossary

Teachers may use the list to help students track their vocabulary growth as they move throughout the grade level and beyond. Teachers may use the list to create other formats which will highlight vocabulary for students.

Scope and Sequence Scope and Sequence

The Scope and Sequence contains the order of the Units in which they should be taught. In addition, the instructional time and Investigations, goals, Common Core Standards, and connections to other units are provided for each unit.

Focus Questions, Unit Goals, & Mathematical Reflections Focus Questions, Unit Goals, & Mathematical Reflections

The Unit Goals, Focus Questions, and Mathematical Reflections for each unit are contained in one document to assist with planning and teaching.

CMP Classroom Observation Guide CMP Classroom Observation Guide: Working Together to Support Teacher and Student Learning

This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive look at a CMP classroom. Use it to inspire rich conversations among teachers, coaches, and administrators based around the teaching and learning of mathematics in a productive classroom environment.

Classroom Videos Classroom Videos

Videos of CMP classes are provided to illustrate and to stimulate conversations about teaching and learning embedded in classroom interactions.

CMP Teachers Discussion Group on Facebook

CMP teachers (both new and experienced) and teacher leads to connect and collaborate with on another to discuss various aspects of teaching and learning with CMP.

How I plan a Lesson How I plan a Lesson

Jennifer Kruger, a CMP teacher for ten years, shares how she plans each of her lessons.

Planning to Teach a Problem Planning to Teach a Problem

Provides important questions that can guide teachers' planning for teaching a Problem.