News & Updates

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Shayna Evans
January 16, 2015

Undergraduate student and President of her dorm, Shayna Evans LOVES math and solving complex problems and we LOVE having her here at CMP. Meet Shayna!

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Glenda Lappan
December 19, 2014

CMP Author and University Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Glenda Lappan has a major impact on everyone she meets! Meet Glenda!

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Elizabeth Difanis Phillips
December 12, 2014

What helps make a good curriculum? How about a hard working CMP author who is a grandmother to 7 and a Yooper at heart? Meet Elizabeth Difanis Phillips!

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Tyler Boyd
November 14, 2014

Meet MSU sophomore and CMP novice knitter, Tyler Boyd.

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Yvonne Grant
October 24, 2014

Enthusiastic Spartan fan, Yvonne Grant is CMP's resident middle school mathematics teacher and CMP professional development coordinator.

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Susan Friel
October 17, 2014

Meet Susan Friel. Susan is not only a CMP Author and Professor of Mathematics Education but also an avid gardener, grandmother and coordinated cat/dog namer! Learn more about Susan.

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Amie Lucas
September 19, 2014

When not working on the CMP Website, camping specialist Amie Lucas is enjoying the outdoors. No matter the season! Meet Amie Lucas.

CMP Staff in the Spotlight: Amy Ray
September 12, 2014

Amy Ray is a 2nd year PhD student in the PRIME program at Michigan State University. In her free time, she likes to play clarinet and piano!

AJ Edson
September 5, 2014

AJ Edson completed his Ph.D. in mathematics education at Western Michigan University in 2014 and now is serving as a postdoctoral fellow with the Connected Mathematics Project.

Elizabeth Phillips Elected to Executive Committee
September 3, 2014

CMP author, Elizabeth Phillips, was elected to the Executive Committee for the International Society for Design and Development of Education (ISDDE).

Two CMP Teachers Co-Author Article in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
August 26, 2014

Two CMP teachers, Cynthia Callard and Jennifer Kruger, co-authored an article with Jeffrey Choppin in the latest issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School with Jeffrey Choppin.

CMP Launches Facebook Group for Teachers
August 19, 2014

CMP has launched a Facebook group dedicated to CMP teachers and teacher leader, allowing them to connect and collaborate with one another and to discuss various aspects of teaching and learning.

Middle school mathematics teachers connect with new teaching methods
July 9, 2014

Enhancing mathematics education instruction for middle school students was the focus at the annual CMP summer workshops held June 23 to 27 at Michigan State University.

Glenda Lappan retires after 50 years at MSU
March 7, 2014

Glenda Lappan has come a long way - from farm girl in southern Georgia to MSU Distinguished Professor of Mathematics. Due to her perseverance, and her dedication as a mathematics teacher and researcher, there has been a startling transformation in the way middle school mathematics is taught today.

CMP2 Student Outcome Study 2010
September 1, 2010

Horizon Research, Inc. conducted a quasi-experimental matched- group longitudinal study to compare student outcomes in schools using Connected Mathematics, 2nd Edition (CMP2) to schools using conventional textbook programs.

A Designer Speaks: Glenda Lappan and Elizabeth Phillips
June 21, 2010

A Designer Speaks: Glenda Lappan and Elizabeth Phillips
Challenges in US Mathematics Education through a Curriculum Developer Lens

The Effects of Connected Mathematics
April 1, 2009

An independent efficacy research study The Effects of Connected Mathematics Project 2 on Student Performance reports that CMP2 students demonstrated significantly greater gains in problem-solving, math communication, and math reasoning strategies than their peers.

Glenda Lappan and Elizabeth Phillips receive ISDDE Prize
September 26, 2008

Glenda Lappan and Elizabeth Phillips have been awarded the ISDDE Prize "for excellence in design for education in science or mathematics" for Connected Mathematics.