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Moving Straight Ahead

Moving Straight Ahead


Linear relationships, representations, tables, graphs, rates of change, ratio, slope, linear equations, solving linear equations, expressions, equivalent expressions

Detailed Description of Changes

Moving Straight Ahead has a few minor changes. Most of the changes are edits suggested by CMP teachers or revision of some problems to match the CCSSM. For example, Problem 3.5, Finding the Point of Intersection, has been revised to include finding the solution set for the number of cakes needed for one cost plan to be less than another cost plan. This introduces inequalities. It builds off of work in Bits & Pieces I and Accentuate the Negative, which graphs inequalities on the number line such as, x < -5, x > 3, x +3 > 0. In Problem 3.5 either the number line or a coordinate graph can be used to show the solution to inequalities of the form, mx + b < c.

Another question in Problem 3.5 focuses on finding an equation for profit, which leads to equivalent expressions. Equivalent expressions are also highlighted in Inv. 3. The pouch situations in 3.2 and 3.3 lead naturally to equivalent expressions. The distributive property is one of the ways used to show they are equivalent. Equivalent Expressions appear again 4.3 and 4.4.

New Investigation Changes in CMP2 Investigations
Investigation 1 Walking Rates Investigation 1 is essentially the same
Investigation 2 Exploring Linear Relationships with Graphs and Tables Investigation 2 is essentially the same
Investigation 3 Solving Equations Investigation 3 is essentially the same
Investigation 4 Exploring Slope: Connecting Rates and Ratios Investigation 4 Exploring Slope: Connecting Rates and Ratios